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Our goal is to make Ultrasound services more accessible to patients across North Wales. Using innovative technologies and experienced staff, we are committed to providing fast and reliable care.

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What Is Ultrasound?

Ultrasound is the use of soundwaves to form images that can be interpreted. An Ultrasound scan is a safe and quick procedure that uses soundwaves, emitted by a small handheld probe, to produce images of the body, without the use of ionising radiation. The scan is performed to find the cause of pain, injury or any lumps that may be present.   

Ultrasound Services

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Core Scans

Core Scans

Scans that look at the abdomen, kidneys, and pelvis...

Gynae Scan


Scans that look at the female pelvis...

Musculoskeletal Scan


Scans that look at the joints of the upper and lower limb...

Vascular Scan


Scans that look at the blood vessels of the abdomen and lower limbs...

Meet the Team

Thomas Constantine

Tom is responsible for booking appointments and liaising with referrers. He is company Director and always happy to answer questions from patients or clinicians about the service

Barbara Waterson

Barbara is our wonderful Sonographer. With many years of experience providing services in Wales and England, Barbara is the friendly face that will carry out your scan.

Ellie Howarth

Ellie is a member of our fantastic reception team. She is studying Radiography in North Wales and is looking forward to providing scans locally in the future.

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