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How Long Does A Scan Take?

Core Scans

Core - 20-40 Mins

Scans that look at the abdomen, kidneys, and bladder...

Gynae Scan

Pelvis - 20 Mins

Scans that look at the female and male pelvis...

Musculoskeletal Scan

MSK - 20 Mins

Scans that look at the joints of the upper and lower limb...

Vascular Scan

Vascular- 20 Mins

Scans that look at the blood vessels of the abdomen and lower limbs...


Fees Information

At Coastal Medical Imaging we pride ourselves on our affordability. We have kept our pricing structure simple to ensure ease of access to our quality scans. There are no hidden costs, our prices are fully inclusive from referral to report.

  • Upper Abdomen – £199
  • Renal Tract – £199
  • Two areas  – £299
  • Female Pelvis – £225
  • Testes & Scrotum – £199
  • Each individual joint can be scanned for – £199


  • Abdominal Aorta – £145