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How Our Referral System Works

At Coastal Medical Imaging, we believe in making the referral and review process as easy as possible.

Send a referral through our online referral system.

Send a referral via email.

Online Referral

  • Register your information and your practice information below. We will contact you with your login details and how to access the portal.
  • Seamlessly make referrals.
  • We will book the patients appointment.
  • You receive the report through the portal.

Email Referral

  • Print our referral form or send a referral letter.
  • Send the referral to referrals@coastalmedicalimaging.co.uk
  • We will contact the patient to book an appointment.
  • We will send the report back to your designated email address.

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Why Coastal Medical Imaging

We recognise that local public services are under strain. We are here to offer another option for you and your patients. Contact us now to get fast access to quality diagnostics. 


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Want to register for our portal and get set up to make referrals? Or simply want to discuss our service further then drop us a message using the button below and we’ll get right back to you!

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